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In book two of The Ungettable Joke book series (due to publish Q4-2012 to Q1-2013), Bill acquires a girlfriend. Well, "acquires" is not exactly accurate. He actually just passes by and she attaches to him like glue. Bill escapes this girl, Trixie, on our first encounter with her, but it turns out her core personality attaches to him -- even in other realities.

Here's an excerpt from an encounter with a Trixie from another reality:

Bill pulled up at the curb across the street from the bookstore and surveilled the place for a minute.

“Looks OK to me. No sign of the Billy-boy fan club,” I jabbed.

Bill smirked wryly. “Remember where Dave told you to look Doc… right side, near the back, bottom shelf. Just get it over with quickly.”

“OK then. Here I go,” Moculare stepped out and hobbled stiffly across the street, apparently trying to look normal.

We waited as the minutes dragged by.

“Can you see any movement in there?” Bill asked.

I just shook my head. The windows were reflecting the midday light so nothing could be seen within.

Finally, Moculare emerged. He stopped, while still holding the door, and talked to someone inside. He continued talking, standing with his back to the door as if holding it open for someone. In another moment Trixie emerged. Her hair was different, but it was definitely her. Bill panicked. He looked the other way and put his hand up to hide his face.

“Bill, she doesn’t know you in this reality, remember?”

“So. I’m not taking any chances. This chick keyed on me like a homing pigeon.”

“Oh, I see. You’re irresistible. Is that it? You’re a magic man, and she’s just got to sprinkle you with Trixie dust.”

“Shut up. I don’t even know what that means… but shut up.”

“It might be safer for you to stay in the car, Bill.”


“Well maybe she’s just a freak for tall guys. If you stay in the car she’ll have a hard time noticing how tall you are.”


Bill was not totally convinced. He started the car, locked the door and rolled the window halfway up, presumably to prevent Trixie from crawling in and sitting in his lap.

Moculare shrugged as he approached the car.

“This young lady said she just had to meet the guy who was so interested in Gödel.”

“Great. That’s you Dave.” Bill reached across the car, opened my door and pushed me to exit.

I got out to meet Trixie.

“So, it is unusual that anyone wants to read Gödel. I mean, some people have heard his theories… usually misinterpreted by some college professor. But, I think I have only sold his book twice in three years. Why the interest?”

“Well, thanks for asking. I am not sure my explanation will –“

“Who’s that?” Trixie asked, eyes widening, as she peered around me toward Bill who was still trying to hide his face. 

“Oh. I’m very sorry. This is Bill. He is the other research assistant I told you about,” Moculare said. “Bill, this is Trixie from the bookstore.”

Trixie walked toward the car. Bill looked halfway in her direction and said hello, then quickly turned his head away again. Trixie said hello with a rising tone that hinted to her perception of Bill’s odd behavior, and she began to circle the car in an effort to get look at Bill’s face.

“Ahem! So Trixie, why the interest in Gödel?” I asked.

Trixie responded as if she had been awoken from a light, sleepy, daze. “What? Uhm… well, I uh, I did a paper on him in college, and I guess I became amazed by the fact that everyone else was still believing that science can prove everything. They don’t believe that anything is beyond equations and machines to understand or control.”

“And you do? Just because of Gödel?”

“Yes, but not only because of Gödel. I have seen things that… Hey, why won’t he look at me?”

Bill hunkered down tighter in his seat, still looking away.

“Oh, he’s really shy. Actually it’s because of the disfigurement.”

“Oh dear. I’m sorry Bill. I’ve been so rude.”

“It’s not your fault. Anyway, I’m used to rudeness. I spend a lot of time with Dave and the Doc there.”

“Well, you have a very nice voice… and, uhm, hair too. That’s some very nice hair you have there.” Trixie blushed.

“Thanks. It was nice talking to you.” Bill clenched, sensing he had said something too nice, maybe too encouraging. “…but we really must be going.”

“That’s too bad,” she said “I was really hoping to talk more about Gödel and his theories. So few people understand it. Maybe you can give me your phone number and I’ll call so --”

“No!” Bill snapped.

Trixie jumped a bit, her face showing instant distress.

“He just  means we won’t be around any phones for a while. We can drop by again soon; maybe next week. How would that be?” I said.

“That would be great.”

We said our farewells to Trixie, who could not suppress her curiosity, and never stopped trying to get a look at Bill’s disfigured face...

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