Stephen Hawking: Blind Squirrel Finds Nut

By Dave Squires, Co-author of The Ungettable Joke

Stephen Hawking, the famous wheelchair bound physicist, has declared himself the founder of reality and truth. He purports to have found something, and gives himself credit for it, but his own mathematics (or rather the mathematics of his contemporaries) defy his conclusion.

"But", you say, "isn't he a brilliant scientist?"

Perhaps, but he is not sufficiently brilliant to understand who God is, or how God could exist before the big bang. If fact, like the blind squirrel that finally finds a nut, it could well be that Stephen Hawking has accidentally discovered a law that guarantees God's existence. If he can interpret it correctly.

He explains that God could not exist before the big bang because time did not exist before the big bang. This is like saying that bacteria did not exist until we discovered the microscope. The idea that Mr. Hawking could understand the nature of God without an instrument through which to view Him is ludicrous. The bible itself says in many ways that God is timeless. God describes himself as having no beginning and no end. In fact, he describes himself AS the beginning and the end. That may be said to be description of time collapsed upon itself in an infinite loop so small that no time passes as you go around the loop. 

To illustrate Mr. Hawking's lack of imagination, let me provide you with an example that he gave on his television series "Stephen Hawking's Grand Design". (From this title you might get the idea that Mr. Hawking would like to be seen as the father of the godless universe he defines. I believe you are right.)

Here is Mr. Hawking's unimaginative example:

He said that looking for God before the big bang, before time existed, is a question that makes no sense. He says it is like asking for directions to the edge of the Earth. In his explanation, you cannot find the edge of the Earth because the Earth is a globe.

This is a poor analogy and simply incorrect. Mr. Hawking, and his wheel chair are sitting ON the edge of the Earth. The edge of a solid globe is its surface! We are all on the edge of the Earth unless we are airborne, underground, or underwater.

Now, the fact that Mr. Hawking cannot understand what a timeless being is, or how such a being could bring the known universe, or universes, into existence, does not mean this being cannot exist anymore than the bacteria that killed many a hapless plague victim did not exist because they had no microscope with which to view them. An unseen thing can be very real yet remain unseen until we learn how to see it. Will we ever learn how to "see" God? I suspect that will be up to Him. No person or quantity of people who pretend He does not exist will have any effect on His existence.

I am an engineer with a few years of physics under my belt as well. This does not make me the worlds greatest physicist, nor do I presume to be. But, in my work with other engineers and scientists, I have learned something about imagination, and what I do presume and assert is that Mr. Hawking's conclusion is unimaginative. He is like a proverbial blind man claiming to understand the complete description of an elephant by touching only its trunk.

His theory, by his own logic, cannot be proven. For, if time did not exist prior to the big bang, and he asserts that it is logical to conclude that God could not cause the big bang, then I assert that it is much more logical to conclude that the big bang could not cause itself. If there is no time, then there are no actions -- all clocks and motion are stopped as Mr. Hawking illustrated in his program.

To find the answer, Mr. Hawking may appreciate this interesting fact:

In the bible Moses asks God whom he should say has sent him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. God says: "I AM THAT I AM... Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you." In other words, God calls himself self-existent, and therefore timeless, having no cause and no creator. If Mr Hawking has discovered anything, it is this. That is, his calculations almost certainly prove the opposite of what he asserts. They prove that self-existence is possible, and that time must be started by something that is both self-existent but also animated.

So, Mr. Hawking, like a blind squirrel, might indeed have rediscovered a nut -- but he thought it was a rock. His self-existent particle from which he says the universe sprang is, again by his own assertion, frozen in time -- that is, it is NOT animated. Hence, the logical conclusion is that an animated entity is required to set things in motion. This animated entity must also be timeless. Such an entity has made Himself known to us. He has a name. He calls himself I AM. We call him God.

Sorry, Mr, Hawking, the name of the ultimate animated being is not Stephen Hawking, and the Grand Design is not yours, but His.

You can come back down to the edge of the Earth now. Welcome to reality. Now, go read Kurt Godel and King James and get your head on straight.

By Dave Squires, Co-author of The Ungettable Joke


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