Rob Thy Neighbor

By Dave Squires, Co-author of The Ungettable Joke

Perhaps you know someone, a neighbor or family member, who truly started with nothing in his life. Brought up in a poor, maybe broken, family this person had no head starts, no family business to work in, and no inheritance. He had only himself, his dreams, his determination, his faith that God had a plan for him, and a conviction that hard work would make him useful in God's plan.

After working his way through college, largely on his own, this guy began to build a life, probably losing sleep, working long hours for years while he built a career, paying his taxes, helping whom he could along the way, buying a house and remodeling it, and raising a family. After 20-30 years or so, maybe this person has reached a point where he is ready to build a bigger business, he might invest in something new, he might just want to take his family on a vacation.

Now, he is told by people who have yet to do anything with their God given abilities, that he must give up all he has built; give it to those who have squandered their time, talents, and treasure on idleness and frivolity. They say "he can afford it". Can he? After already giving his whole life to building a home and security for his wife and children, building retirement savings, can he afford to start over, just so lazy, greedy people can have an easy life?

Through one immoral act, the do-nothings want to steal the rewards of a life of effort and sacrifice. The Occupy Wall Street people want everything for free. They call this "wild futuristic thinking". I call it government-backed theft. Will these oh-so-superior futuristic thinkers hold a gun to the head of the hard working man and steal his life's work? Or will they simply shoot first and steal latter? Having most of their lives in front of them, isn't it really they who can "afford" to invest themselves in productive activity? ...and where is the true leadership to point them in the right direction?

By Dave Squires, Co-author of The Ungettable Joke


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